Golf coaching that fits You!

We are well aware that improving your golf game is an individual affair and one that has it's own unique individual needs and requirement which is why we specialise in tailoring each lesson to your game.  We offer advice on all aspects of the game, from Driving to Putting, On Course lessons as well as health and fitness.


This can be delivered to you as technical or simply as you require so having golf lessons should never be a daunting task for anyone, young or old, experienced or a beginner.


We also offer the chance to learn with friends or in a group environment so that you also get the chance to learn at the same pace of others and also help each other achieve your's and their goals together.  This also gives opportunity to meet other like minded people and helps show off the great social aspect of golf. 

Expert Individual Coaching

Most golfers at some stage benefit from a session of one-to-one coaching during their development. Structured coaching using our state of the art SkyTrak simulator help deliver ball flight feedback to help enhance your experience. We also use slow motion video capture to help analyse your golf swing for peace of mind. Having had an initial consultation during the first lesson the client and coach can together plan the rest of the sessions together to maximise the output of the sessions.  This can be split up into all catagories of the game or can be concentrated towards a particular section or problem with the individuals game.

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